JOGLE Round Up

First of all some figures.

Hours moving 68 hrs 14 mins
Kilometres ridden 1584.8 = 990 Miles
Climbs 15691 Metres = Everest x 1.95

Funds raised to date £4046.06

Total Funds raised since 18.09 2010 £10136.61

JOGLE was the final Challenge of CHALLENGE65 timed to finish before my 65th birthday on the 16th. It was a longer distance than I had ever attempted before, either walking or cycling. In fact before this summer I had not ridden a hundred miles on my bike let alone 7 one after another!

When planning this it was always going to be an unsupported ride,however, the more I think about it the less I like the term, yes we were unaccompanied, but far from unsupported. My first support came from Certini of Saltash, who serviced my bike for free. Secondly we were supported by ELIVAR and JACKOATBAR with our nutrition. We were also supported by OWAYO with our custom shirts, by Brian Yellop of The Spot Wick who received and rebuilt our bikes ready for our arrival. All our hosts and hostesses whether they be B & B’s, Hotels, Pubs as in the first 5 days or Family and Friends as we progressed south.

By Richard’s wife Laura who agreed to him being away from the family for 11 days, and Kath who has helped and supported me throughout the last year with everything I set out to do.

Richard spent countless hours pouring over routes, finding accommodation and designing our shirt for which I am very grateful. However, the even more important part he played was to keep me going, at times I cursed him for his route, at others I pleaded for a break, but whatever happened he pulled me through and for JOGLE it is to him I owe the most. The opportunity to ride through wonderful countryside,enjoy the different areas and accents in our country in the company of your adult children is very rare and I would not have missed it for the world.

Did I enjoy it? Most of the time (All those climbs)

Would I do it again? Yes but at a slower pace to have time to explore.

At Lands End

At Lands End

Lily gets in on the act

Lily gets in on the act

Louise with the Champagne

Louise with the Champagne

cornish walk 325cornish walk 319

cornish walk 294

At the sign post

At the sign post


About pierreboardmoss

Retired banker and School Bursar spending time between the UK and our French home. Took up cycling to raise funds for The Prostate Cancer Charity having been diagnosed with the disease and treated in 2009.
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